Pendrive shortcuts

Remove shortcut virus and unhide permanently hidden files
Are your removable devices like pendrive are suffering from automatically generated shortcut viruses and which also permanently hides the folders that are in your pendrive???Are you wondering how to remove shortcut virus???Do you know how to unhide permanently hidden folders and files??? This shortcut viruses are not easily removed and once you delete it and next time you again connect with your computer it again shows up and if you click it then your computer is completely affected by this virus, it also hides every folder that are in pendrive and cannot be seen even if we try to unhide it.
For this we just need one simple command to remove it because even antivirus are not able to find it and these viruses remain in our pendrive for ever and doesnt let us to see our own files.

Follow these simple steps to overcome this trouble:

1. Click start menu Open up ram and enter cmd .
2. It shows up like this c:\Documents and settings\[your admin name] >
3. Change this to the drive of your pendrive by simply clicking f: ,g: etc and enter.
4. Then first to delete those shortcut viruses use command in my case. f: del *.lnk and enter.This should delete all shortcut viruses in your removable device.
5. Then to unhide all the folders that are in pendrive in command prompt enter
f: attrib -s -h -r /s /d *.*
6. This will take a minute or two to unhide all your hidden items. once you unhide it you will see all your folders that were hidden before.
7. Remember this will also unhide the Virus Folder which will be have a weird name and it will also unhide the Recycler folder.
8. Delete both these folders and once you do it You got rid of shortcut and hidden folders.

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