Welcome screen:

The welcome screen for windows 8 beta is similar to the lock screen in windows phone devices. The current update of email notifications, social notifications, time, and weather will be made available.

Touch screen password:

The neat and unique password system to unlock windows 8 computers has been introduced. Normally a text password is used to unlock the computers to recover the access. But this OS gives user an option to unlock via combination of touches and swipes on the picture that’s chosen which might be quite familiar to android device users.

The start screen:

This is similar to windows phone interface which is always active and living as it provides current updates automatically. The tiles can be grouped together. Between each groups there are speed bumps which scrolling the start screen sticks temporarily and makes it difficult to overrun. The personalization is the specialty of this start screen concept. It can be modified as the user wants. The multitouches, picking up the tile with one finger, pinch zooming and the semantic zoom which means to zoom out far enough and the tiles remain readable by switching icons.


The fast and fluid new user interface of windows 8 with touch facility which allows the user to swipe left, right, top and bottom of search, share, devices and settings in PC or tablet. all these activities can be performed while surfing on web.

The photo sharing feature:

You can pull now photos from Facebook, Flickr and picture libraries in Windows and other online photo sharing service as they have created a platform combining softwares with cloud services.

The new task manager:

The new task manager looks groovy and is easy to read and use. This also allows the user to add and delete the programs which they want at the startup. This economizes the cpu usage which leads to more life of the tablet or PC. The information lined up in columns makes the work of the user easier. This task manager has been defined after 2 decades.

Split keyboards:

The tablet owners use their thumb rather than using all the fingers. So the additional split keyboards can make their work easier. This will please the thumb typist.

Freer RAM:

The features, multiple interfaces and visually striking touch and slide system may make you think there would be excessive usage of RAM but it is a misconception if you think like that. On a startup windows 8 takes up 281MB of RAM whereas it was 404MB on windows 7 OS.

System Refresh Without Deleting Music, Movies Or Documents:

This is hardware-less way to restore your system without losing all of your precious documents and files. You don’t need to unplug your external hard drive or cancel your Dropbox account. A push button from control panel activates the system refresh which is convenient to use.

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