Mahindra Satyam

Eligibility Criteria:

Candidate Should Posses 60% Through out his academic Carrier.
Maximum one year gap is allowed.
Candidate Must belong to ECE/CSE/IT/EEE/EIE
Salary: 3.07 lac
Bond : Candidate should write a Bond for 2 years if he got selected.
Traning: 3 Months training Period.
Candidate shouldn’t have any backlogs.

1)Written Test:
Its a online based test consists of 2 sections (You can attempt any section first). No Negative Marks.
o Section-A : Aptitude (70 Questions == 40 Minutes)
o Section-B : English (100 Questions == 40 Minutes)

Section-A : Aptitude & Reasoning
It consists of 70 Questions which should be answered in 40 Minutes. This Section has the following concepts.
3. Logical & Analyatical Reasoning-Non Verbal (35 Questions)
4. Logical & Analytical Reasoning-Verbal (20 Questions)
5. Numeric & Mathematics (15 Questions)

Section-B : English
It consists of 100 Questions which should be answered in 40 Minutes. This Section has the following concepts.
6. Tenses (10 Questions)
7. Subject Verb Agreement (20 Questions)
8. Sentences Corrections (10 Questions)
9. Reading Passages (10 Questions)
10. Prepositions (20 Questions)
11. Confusable Words (10 Questions)
12. Build Verbiage (10 Questions)
13. Articles (10 Questions)

2) Technical Interview Round
For the technical interview round they mostly ask questions about your area of specialization. If you have an IT background they may ask questions from basic c++, Java, Software engineering, Data structure, DBMS, RDBMS, basics of computer hardware and on similar topics.

3) HR Interview Round
In HR round asked the basic questions.

Q: Tell me about yourself.
Q: Why should I select you
Q: I need smart worker.
Q: What is the guarantee that you will do smart work.

For Mahindra Satyam placement papers:Click here

The above specified eligibility criteria based on 2011.

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