The test contains two rounds:
1. Aptitude (30 questions 40 Minute)
2. Verbal (40 questions 35 Minute)
Time management play a important role for exam. Be fast while writing the exam if once written cleared then 90% over so prepare well, friends prepare CAT material.
Aptitude Sections:
1. One logical passage with 5 questions (5 Marks)
2. Odd man out (not number series they will give figures) (5Marks)
3. Data Sufficiency (Easy 5 Marks)
4. Data interpretation (pie chart or table or bar graph based on that information they will ask five questions practice) (5 Marks)
5. Puzzle (like Rama, Laksham, Krishna married Geeta, Sita, Radha respectively……………..blah blah who married Sita. This type of question.easy)
6. Syllogism (cat id rat ..rat is mat …blah blah…. options (a) ABH (b) CHA, I mean in this they will give six sentence and we have to find the three sentence which are related)
1. One small passage not very lengthy.(5 Marks)
2. Reading comprehension (2 passage which are too long pick the word from question and search for it in passage and try to attempt like so that it saves time attempt this section last) (10 Marks)
3. Sentence correction. (practice from TIME). A sentence is given. And the wrong part is underlined, four options are given, choose the correct one(10 Marks )
4. Sentence Completion (one blank sentence and four options are given choose the correct word which suits for that blank) (5 Marks)
5. Theme Detection (10 Marks)2nd round is hr this is just to check our communications skills and our confident

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