What is M.Tech?

Master of Technology is a post graduate degree designed specifically for engineers. It imparts a practical problem solving approach in engineers. In other words engineering is the practical application of science and mathematics to solve problems and it is everywhere in the world around you. This degree also provides an approach to make things work more efficiently and quickly and less expensively. Also it develops the skills to design, build, and manage ideas into reality.

The focus of this degree is to impart high level of engineering knowledge and skill in operational system design and supply chain management to achieve what is commonly termed extraordinary results.

Why M.Tech?

Demand for good engineers is high, in practically every country in the world. In the IT and electronics sectors in particular, there are world shortages of Chartered and Incorporated Engineers, and unemployment amongst professional engineers is lower than for almost any other profession. There are thousands of challenging areas in which detailed engineering knowledge is needed.
Engineers have been at the forefront of turning time into a distinguishing feature of the product creation process. Engineers have often found themselves in key positions in industry and commerce. The reasons for this is the importance of systems technologies in any modern economy and the trends to globalization outlined.

Huge opportunity is lying ahead for the students of engineering. After passing out from respective college students are hired by many good companies. With the ongoing economic boom the significance of this degree still increases.
With an engineering degree, you may follow an interesting career as a professional engineer, which may take you down a technical route, or you may drift into a managerial role as your career progresses.

Scope of M.Tech

The key industry sectors employ Engineers

2)Bioengineering/Biomedical Engineering
3)Education and Research
4)Energy and Electrical Energy


There are enormous specializations which one can opt but to name a few:

Aerospace Engineering
Agricultural Engineering
Chemical Engg
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical/Electronic Eng
Systems Engineering
Environmental Engineering


You need to have B.Tech/B.E degree to go for M.Tech

Entrance Tests:

National level: GATE

State level exams: TANCET, PGCET,PGECET

Career prospects

Educational Technology is an emerging field and a degree in this subject is the path-breaking component of NU’s curriculum. We see a close connect between this degree and the employability of its aspirants in the future. As an Mtech degree holder in Educational Technology, you could develop and manage technologies for face-to-face, online or blended learning. You will work with technologies such as data acquisition for science learning, web technologies such as ASP, learning management systems, and also handheld devices for in-class assessment systems. Expected salaries could well be along the lines of a MBA degree.

Possible job roles for Mtech Educational Technology Degree holders:

Project Managers in engineering firms:

Research and develop the creation of new technologies such as data loggers and devices for educational purposes.

Technology Architects in schools/colleges/universities:

Analyze learning and learning-management requirements and evolve technology-based solutions to enhance and manage learning.
Research new products and methodologies and implement them to enhance technology based learning initiatives.
Provide leadership and training for faculty in creating and implementing instructional materials across media – print, multimedia, and web.
Provide expert advise to improve laboratories using technology.

Learning Technology Specialists in corporations:

Analyze internal training requirements and set up technology solutions for internal training needs.
Conduct and manage technology based training systems efficiently.

Content Architects for online instruction in universities:

Provide assistance and collaborate with faculty from various departments in deve
loping online courses and blended learning courses.

Online Instructors/Senior Facilitators in universities offering online courses:
Facilitate synchronous and asynchronous learning including setting up the relevant technology and managing learning.

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