Avunu Movie Review

Avunu Movie Review

Banner : Suresh Productions
Rating : 3.5/5
Released On : Sep 21, 2012

Avunu Movie Review, Ravi Babu Avunu Review, Avunu Movie Review, Ravi Babu Avunu Movie Review, Avunu reviews, avunu ratings: Versatile director Ravi Babu has once again come up with a horror thriller movie titled ‘Avunu’. The movie is based on the real life incidents faced by actress Yami Gautham while shooting for Ravi Babu’s romantic drama ‘Nuvvila’ at Ramoji Film City’s Sitara hotel. Read on Avunu Review to see what the movie is all about.

Avunu Movie Review Story :

‘Avunu’ is all about the story of newly married couple Harsha (Harshavardhan Rane) and Mohini (Poorna) who stay at ‘Classic Homes’ located near Gandipet, Hyderabad. Suddenly, one day, they observe some strange things in their house and they realise that a spirt is stalking at Mohini and enjoys the pleasure of watching her while bathing, dressing-up etc. Vicky, a small kid who lives at their neighbouring house claims that Captain Rao’s spirit is in their house and apparently the couple wants to get out of their new home. But, much to their shock, the spirit doesn’t allow them to leave the house. Who is Captain Rao? Why is he harassing Mohini? Whether the newly wed couple get rid of Captain Rao forms the crux of the story.
Analysis :

Director Ravi Babu has made ‘Avunu’ with lot of conviction and wonderful screenplay. He maintained the suspense till the end and made it more appealing till the penultimate scene. There is no deviation from the plot and Ravi Babu has done a significant job in making ‘Avunu’ another spine chilling thriller! There are no songs and comedy episodes in the film and that has made it even more gripping. Ravi Babu has got an apt star cast and Poorna has taken the centre stage in ‘Avunu’ movie.

The movie storyline was heavily inspired from several Hollywood movies like ‘The Shining’, ‘Sixth Sense’ and ‘Paranormal Activity’. But, these things harldy matter as Ravi Babu has handled the movie more efficiently. There are no delicate elements in the narration and the director has added few innovative scenes to the tale but the climax goes on a predictable note.

The special effects too were used appropriately. Especially, the automated lighting used for the house is praiseworthy.

Clickoursite Perspective :

Ravi Babu is growing leaps and bounds as a director and writer by the day. His every film is unique and offers versatality in the way he presents it. Though inspired by few Hollywood movies, the convincing narration he does is par excellence. With right mix of horror, thrilling elements and emotion he has scored a winner with ‘Avunu’. The way he depicted the difference between lust and fear of a person needs an applause. His terrific narration with engaging screenplay is what few other directors lack in our industry these days. Avunu is a perfect example for the people who are keen to make a film with low budget and high technical values.The movie was completely shot in very few locations and once again Ravi Babu proves how talented he is as a writer and director with Avunu.

Avunu Movie Review Performances:

Poorna has come up with an extraordinary performance and her facial expressions of emotion and fear are sensible. Harshanvardhan Rane is decent. After many years, Sudha has got a good role in the film and she is impressive. Chalapathi Rao and Delhi Rajeshwari are good. Ravi Babu has played a significant role as a police officer. Master Chakravarthi is cute and acted well.

Avunu Movie Review Technicalities:

Screenplay by Satyanand is brisk. Dialogues by Nivas are good. Cinematography by Sudhakar Reddy is is brilliant. Editing by Marthand K Venkatesh is crisp. Background score by Sekhar Chandra is catchy. Art direction by Narayana Reddy is a delight to watch. Direction by Ravi Babu is top rate. Production values are grand.

Avunu Movie Review Positives:

Ravi Babu’s direction
Racy Screenplay
Poorna’s performance

Avunu Movie Review Negatives:

Predictable Climax
Hollywood inspirations

Final Word: Watch Avunu Movie for Ravi Babu’s wonderful presentation and the horror thriller element.


Charulatha Movie Review Story:

Charulatha Movie Review Story:

Cast: Priyamani, Skanda, Saranya Ponvannan, Seetha Parthiepan
Banner: Global One Studios
Producer: Dwarakesh, Ramesh Krishna Murthy
Dialogues : Mythili Kiran
Director : Pon Kumaran
Music : Sundar C Babu
Cinematography : Panner Selvam
Release Date : September 21, 2012

Charulatha’ is the story of two conjoined twins named Charu & Latha -both played by Priyamani. One day, Charu and Latha goes to music classes to learn violin but was rejected by the master as he feels that they can’t play tough tunes as it may injure them. Both Charu and Latha prove their mettle and impress the master and starts learning violin. In the mean time, Charu slowly gets attracted to her classmate Ravi and eventually falls in love with him. This didn’t go well with Latha who also loves Ravi and as a result, troubles slowly start developing between them. Suddenly, Latha dies under mysterious circumstances and becomes a ghost thus threatening Charu. What happens next? Can Charu get rid of the ghost of Latha and will she be able to marry Ravi has to be watched on screen.

Charulatha Review Analysis:

Charulatha is inspired from Thai movie ‘Alone’. The movie turns interesting and the story was established only from the pre-interval scene itself. However, director Pon Kumaran has come up with right blend of comedy, emotions and suspense in the first half with brisk narration. The sister relationship and sentiment scenes are heart touching and few scenes like the ghost of Latha threatening Charu by hanging herself to the ceiling fan, the scene where Charu was shocked when the ghost tries to kill her while bathing are fantastic.

The second half is the soul of the movie. Priyamani has delivered a wonderful performance and kudos to her for showcasing lot of variations as a timid girl and as a ghost. Especially, the climax episode is exhilarating and director Pon Kumaran has extracted the best out of her. He has given right kind of treatment and the way he adapted the movie to the Indian sensibilities needs a round of applause.

Charulatha Movie Review our Perspective:

The movie is the official remake of Thai film ‘Alone’ which is again inspired from ‘Sisters Tale’. Right from the word go, director Pon Kumaran has made the film with engaging screenplay and gripping narration. What happens when two conjoined twins love the same guy and how will they emote and what kind of pain they undergo in the process and how they develop jealousy on each other has been etched brilliantly in a convincing way. The tag line ‘Never Break a Promise’ is apt and the director balanced it with a beautiful twist to the tale in the climax and made it even more thrilling. On the flip side, the climax is a bit cliched but there is nothing much to complain as Priyamani has one again proved her acting prowess here! Overall, Charulatha surely grabs the attention for Priyamani’s amazing performance and Pon Kumaran’s excellent direction.

Charulatha Review Performances:

Priyamani as Charu and Latha delivered amazing award winning performance and she has carried the movie on her shoulders. She showed lot of variations in both the roles and especially her performance in the climax is outstanding. Priyamani is apparently one of the finest actresses of the present era. Saranya has delivered a decent performance and Seetha played the vital role of a Psychiatrist. Sai Sasi is good as priest and others played their part well.

Charulatha Review Technicalities:

Dialogues by Mythili Kiran are good. Editing by Donmax is crisp. Cinematography by Panner Selvam is wonderful. Direction by Pon Kumaran is excellent. Back ground score of Sundar C Babu is an asset. Production values by Global One Studios are grand.

Charulatha Review Positives:
Priyamani’s brilliant performance
Background score

Charulatha Review Negatives:
Cliched climax

Final Word: Go and watch Charulatha for Priyamani’s spectacular performance!

Rating: 3/5

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