Beware Of Fake Job Offers From Companies

Beware Of Fake Job Offers From Companies:

With so many people currently unemployed, there are more scammers out there than ever. It’s unfortunate that unscrupulous people try to prey on those who are looking for legitimate jobs, but it does happen.

Online job boards and classified ads can be used by people posing as hiring companies, so it’s important to be aware and cautious when you’re looking for a job.

Symptoms of Fraudulent Job Offers:

Job offers sent from free internet email services like Gmail, Rediffmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, and so on can be treated as Fake Job Offers
Examples of some of the email IDs used for sending fake job offers:
Authorise or appoint any agent/agency/company to conduct any employment interviews or make offers of employment/benefits on the company’s behalf in lieu of money.
Charge any security amount, and will never ask you to deposit any money for or after getting a job offer.


1)Don’t believe anyone who says they can get you through companies by ‘back-door’.
2)Think twice before paying money to any of the job sites.
3)Don’t attend the written tests/interviews that ask you to pay registration fee. 99.0 % of them are fake.
4) Know the difference between ‘placement assistance’ and ‘placement guarantee’.
5)Don’t believe in any ‘job guarantee’ programs from training institutes. 99.0 % of them don’t keep up their promises.
6)Don’t believe in anyone who asks you to pay money for offering a job


This is to inform you all that in Recent Times lots of fake agency is sending mails to individuals candidates informing them about job offers in a well known Top Companies like infosys, Mahindra Satyam, Intel, Videocon, HCL, TCS and many More… Mostly these individuals use foreign identity/accents to influence candidates.

Below are the some of examples of FAKE OFFER Letters mailed to the candidates mail id:

In case you or any of your have received any such mail, you are advised to bring it to immediate notice of the Management of the particular Company in the fraud job offer being circulated on the internet.

In Recent Times many Fresh graduates are preferring back door to get a job in a company, which is always dangerous.
Never pay any amount of money to anyone regarding job. frustration is common, we should have the patience. But if you loss some money regarding these type of jobs will add more frustration.

So I advice you to do a course and expertise yourself in it and then try on your own.

REMEMBER: Under no circumstance should you pay any employer/agency in exchange for providing any employment!

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