Ee Rojullo Movie Review

Ee Rojullo Movie Review

clickoursite rating: 3.50/5
Punchline: lovers these days
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Type: Straight
Banner: Good Friends & Maruti Media House

Cast: Srinivas, Reshma, MS Narayana, Ambati Rambabu, Sai, Gavara Sekhar, Madhumani, Sankar Rao, Kanna, Venky, Bhargavi, Vishnu Priya, Bindu, Rakshita etc

Music: JB
Cinematography: J Prabhakar Reddy
Editing: SB Uddhav
Story – art – dialogues – screenplay – direction: Maruti
Producers: SKN & Shriya’s Srinivas
Release date: 23 March 2012

Reshma, Srinivas Starrer Ee Rojullo Movie is all set to hit the screens today. Ee Rojullo Movie is directed by Maruthi and produced Jointly under the banners of Good Cinema Group and Maruthi Media House. Though it a small budget Movie, the expectations of the Ee Rojullo Movie is high in the Industry. Ee Rojullo bagged a good craze because of its unique way of promoting funny Ee Rojullo trailers ( For Trailers ). Reshma, who is a female lead of Ee Rojullo is looking cute with her fresh looks ( For Pics ). Ee Rojullo Movie is touted to be a youthful comedy entertainer. J.B composed tunes for Ee Rojullo Movie. Lets See Ee Rojullo Movie Review.

Story unfolds

Srinivas is the central character of this movie. He falls in love with a girl and intends to marry her. But his fate and luck turn sour and he gets ditched by the girl. The girl who pretended to love takes his hard earned 3 lakhs leaving behind a heart broken lover boy. This incident makes love a bitter experience and he stars to hate girls. He feels that his bitter experience will repeat and that it will not be wise to trust any girl. The other central character is Reshma. Reshma is beautiful and has all boys professing their false love to her just for the sake of her company. She being a straight girl is sick of all this and starts to think that all boys will never love her beyond her beauty and that they will not be faithful. She decides that it is not worth the pain that they will give her when her heart is broken by their false promises. As the story progresses Srinivas comes to stay in the same apartment as of Rehama’s. They meet as they now stay in the same building. Slowly they develop a friendship and come to an understanding that love will not enter their relation. But cupid strikes and they can’t help but fall in love. As they realize this new problems crop up forcing resham to leave. Will Srinivas find her? Will he convince her to become his life partner?

Actors Journey

The actors Srinivas and Reshma have both managed to deliver the story very well. Their chemistry is visible thereby keeping the flow of the movie smooth and nice.

Director hits bull eye

The director Maruthi has hit the right chord with the audience. He has conveyed the story step by step and has not confused the audience. The direction is sharp and has just the right balance of all elements. The songs seem to be well placed and make the audience fell that they were a part of the story. One hardly realizes when the song starts and ends. Though the story may seem repetitive the directors view of seeing it and telling it has made it a refreshing experience.

Technicians work

The cinematographer and editor have done their job well. The music by JB is nice and Youthful.

Positive views of the story

The movie manages to keep the interest in the audience there by proving that it is a good entertainer. The director puts forward his views very clearly that there is good and bad in both the genders. We just need to be sure we choose the correct person. He also shows that it is never nice to leave a person broken hearted and is a very inhuman thing to do.

Negative Draw Back

The movie is a low budget movie and has been targeted at only the young audiences. Many of its dialogues are two faced and make the movie unfitting for the family crowd.

Our final Say

The movie seems like a winner with the young audience especially college crowd. It seems to be in sync with the bachelors and bachelorettes. It is definitely worth watching just for pure fun and entertainment. It is a good pick for the weekend so if anyone is waiting and wondering whether to watch it or not can go ahead. Oh Yes! Make sure you are with friends… you obviously don’t want to land in an embarrassing situation with family.

Ee Rojullo makes a mark despite being a low budget production. Its really youthful entertainer. must watch.

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