Fest at SVITS Mahaboobnagar on 30th and 31th March

SVITS Quest is a contest being conducted for a consecutive 9th year. Two days National Level Technical Contest is being jointly organised by all the departments of the institution on 30th & 31st of March 2012 to bring up the talent of engineering students. It also provides a common platform to the participants to share their views and thoughts with others. It consist of
Paper presentation
Poster presentation
Project Display
Brain Storming Challenge
Paper Presentation:
Paper should be submitted in IEEE format choosing topic from the list. (Format is available in the event website)

Poster Presentation:
Posters pertaining to topics mentioned should be presented in A0 Sheets (No sheets will be provided at the venue)

Project Display:
Projects related to respective branches may be presented with working models

Brain Storming Challenge:
Inventions/Research/Advanced Technology, which is related to the current environment. Mentioned should be presented(Open to all Faculties/Industrialists/ Researchers/Students for winner a surprising gift will be provided).
For more details:http://www.quest.svitsmbnr.ac.in/

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