IT companies in hyderabad & secunderabad


Baron Infotech Ltd
Banking, manufacturing,insurance, E-commerce

Dusk Valley Technologies Ltd
Software development & integration, onsite deloyment for software, offshore development, application

Euclid India Limited
Network Services – planning, design, implementation, operations and optimization, Setting up Turnkey Networks for Telco/ ISPs, VOIP, VPN, DSL and cable based technologies

Ashok Leyland Information Technology Limited
Wireless LBSS/SP, GIS, WAP Solutions, ASP

Avantel Softech Ltd.
Communication – Microwave Products, Radio Communication Systems Network Access Products, SATCOM Products, Software – ERP Solutions, Internet Solutions E-commerce, Web enabled databases, Euro

Bamboo Software Solutions Pvt Ltd
Internet Technologies, Client Server Applications

Connor Information Technology Ltd

CS Software Enterprise Limited
Consultancy, Software Design, Development, Internet, Intranet & Web related technologies, Y2K solutions, Legacy Systems, Re-Engineering and complete solutions for Data Management

D. E. Shaw India Software Pvt. Ltd.
Investment Banking Applications, Internet Based Applications, Online Services, Electronic Commerce

Danlaw Technologies India Ltd.
Embedded Systems, Portal Development, E- Comm, Knowledge Management

Ecom Server India (P) Ltd
Call centre solutions, M commerce, E Commece, Middleware, EAI & application development

eSoft Consulting Ltd
Telecommunication, eBusiness, Customer application development, facility management

Essel Software and Services Ltd
Vertical Application Development, E-Commerce Applications, Customised Software Development, ERP Packages Development and Implementation pvt Ltd
consultany & projects, Software development, Onsite services, offshore services

Friendly Advanced Software Technology Ltd.
Transportation, Distribution and Logistics, E-commerce, Y2K and Euro Currency Solutions, IBM AS/400

Frontlinesoft Ltd
E- Commerce Solutions, Client/Server Computing & 3 tier architecture, Database Design & development, Geographic Information System (GIS)

Goenka Infotech Ltd.
Independent validation & verification, validation of web page, software maitenance & web enabling of legacy applications, IT application for Power sector

Indus Business Systems Ltd
Web Technology / Intranet / Internet, Client Server Technology

Koya Software Solutions India Limited
E-Commerce, Web page designing and maintenance, Customised commercial application packages

LANCO Global Systems Limited.
Software Development, Product Development, Application Migration, Data Processing, Professional Services Support and Networking Solutions

Microsoft India (R&D) Pvt. Ltd.
R&D Centre for Microsoft

Navayuga Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
ERP Implementation – SAP R3, CAD/CAM Engineering Software, Client Server Software Development, Multimedia, E-Commerce, E-Security

Online Media Solutions Limited
Internet Service Provider, E-Commerce, Multimedia and Digital Studio, Software Development

Opusasia Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Enterprise solutions, Internet Technologies & networking, Software solutions, Health care solutions

Pramati Technologies (P) Limited
Java, Middleware, Internet/ Application Server

Quantum Softech Limited
Very large distributed database management, Tele communication Software Development, Web technologies application

Quest Syscon International Pvt. Ltd.
Applications for Healthcare Industry, Applications for Business Management, Financial Accounting, Applications for Automotive Business Management and operations support, On-site and Offshore software development and maintenance.

RAASI Enterprise Solutions Limited
ERP, Client-server, Web technologies, Multimedia

Ram Informatics Limited
Offshore software development, Client-server computing, ERP – MRP solutions, Euro conversion, Internet/Intranet computing, IT education and training

Reliable Web Solutions Pvt Ltd
B2B Application and Product Development, Wireless Application and Product Development, Customised E-Commerce application and product development

Resonance Technologies (P) Ltd.
Client-server solutions, Object oriented technology applications, Web-based services and products, Process automation, Consulting services and training

Sagarsoft (India) Ltd
E-business, telecom, healthcare, manufacturing

Saven Technologies Limited
Object Oriented Technology, Advance IT Training (Authorised Training Centre for Java – Partner with Sun Microsystems), Client Server Technology, GIS / CAD / CAM

SEEC Technologies Asia Pvt. Ltd.
Legacy Cobol Re-engineering

SemanticsSpace Technologies Ltd
Web & E-commerce; Microsoft Technology based solutions, Embedded Systems, ERP consulting

Sierra Optima Limited
Web enabled application development, Migration Tools and Technologies to Oracle Environment, ERP : Oracle Applications and OPM

Softpro Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Web cesstric application, Object oriented methodology, Client server technology AS/400

Speck Systems Limited
Topographical Mapping, Cadastral Mapping, Infrastructure Mapping, AM/FM/GIS

SPIL Technologies Limited
Internet applications, E-Commerce, Client Server Applications, Database Development, Y2K / Euro Conversion, Datawarehousing & Multimedia

SQL Star International Limited
Web enabled – MS-IIS, Visual Interdev, Java ASP, Oracle – Designer, Developer and Applications, IBM based – AS/400, Mainframes using PC Simulation, Data & Object Modeling, VB, VC++

Strabus Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Offshore Software Development, Remediation (Non-cobol Y2K & Euro), Oracle Technical Support, ERP Implementation

Tanning Technology (India) Pvt Ltd
E-commerce, E-CRM, Core operations solutions

Zen Soft Solutions Limited
E-Commerce, Client-Server Technologies, Banking and Finance Solutions, Remote Data Processing Services

Capricorn Systems Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Web based solutions, Re-engineering and Web enabling of legacy applications, Client/server systems, Systems wuth N-tier architecture using object oriented technology

I – Labs Ltd
Mobile business solutions, E-business solutions, Genomics – bioinformatics

Indus Networks Ltd
E-commerce Solutions, Java based application development, Embedded Systems, Client Server Technologies

Info Dimensions Business Enterprise Pvt Ltd
IT Enabled Services, Consultancy & Projects, Off Shre Services

Infotech Enterprises Ltd.
IT Enabled Services – GIS/CAD Conversion, Software development Services – GIS,CAD,Business, Web, Consultancy Services – GIS, Engineering/CAD, Business, Web.

Innovation Communications Systems
C.T.I, Data Communication Software, Intranets and Voice Over IP, Embedded Software using Micro Controllers and DSPs

Intelligroup Asia Pvt. ltd.
ERP (SAP, Baan, Peoplesoft, Oracle) Implementation, Development and Optimization Services, E-commerce (Sun / Microsoft Technologies), Outsourcing

Inteq Software (P) Ltd.
E-commerce Design and delivery, Commercial Web App Design and Delivery, Intranet, Business Function, Workflow Enabling, Development Methodologies, Database Architecture and Support, Infrastructure, Network support, Client Server Systems Project Management

Intergraph (India) Ltd.
CAD / CAM, GIS, Plant Design System, Shipbuilding, Architecture, Document Management

IVUS Software Development Centre Pvt. Ltd.
CRM, Microsoft Technologies, Web development, Application & Development

JP Systems (India)Pvt ltd
Development of WAP & SMS Technology, Handheld Devices like Palm Top, Web Development

Juno Online Services Development Pvt Ltd
Dial-up Internet email

Mangalam Information Technologies Ltd
Call Centers, E-mail response/web-chat support, Back Office & other anciliary operations, CAD – Conversion, Multimedia, Digital Pre-press Digitalization & Catalogue Conversion

Perisol Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Development, Porting and Test Projects

Samyak Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
IT Enabled , E-commerce , Software Maintenance / Migration , Software development services

Sourcepro Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
Thin client server computing on Citrix products, System Integration, ERP Implementation, Facility Management

Starnet software (India) Ltd
Software development, Internet & intranet solutions, project consultancy, manpower placement

Virmati Software and Telecommunications Limited
Bank Automation, Web Design

VMF Soft Tech Limited
Onsite Professional Services, Enterprise Computing, Internet Technologies, Business Component Development

Xplora Infotech Ltd
Systems Integartion, software development, consultancy & projects, It enabled services


AllSoft Technologies Limited
Client-server application development, Stock broking, E-business, Cobol

Credence Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Web Technologies /Internet /Intranet, E-commerce /EDI, ERP /MRP Solutions, RDBMS Datawarehousing /Datamining, CAD /CAM /CAE, Systems Integrations/Networking, Software Product Development, IT Education & Training, Data Processing, Medical Transcription

Cybermate Infotek Limited
Implementation of ERP Solutions for vertical market segments in both Manufacturing & Service Industries, Development of Web-enabled applications & Work flow integration, Implementation & Development of E-commerce applications

Data Edge Group (India) Ltd.
e-Business products & Packages, Off-shore services, eBusiness consultancy & BPR, ERP/CRM SCM implementation

GATI Intellect Systems Ltd
Software Development, Software Migration, Onsite Consulting, Execution of turnkey projects, Education and Training

Goldstone Softech Ltd.
Distributed Computing, Data Warehousing, Web Centric Applications

Rendezvous on Chip (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Embedded systems, Networking and internet, Security, VLSI

Sankhya Infotech Ltd
Aviation, Logistics, Hospitality, Web based training

Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
Application development and support, Legacy maintenance, Year 2000 and Euro Conversion, E-commerce and Internet technologies, Engineering services (CAD/CAMCAE)

VJIL Consulting Limited
Client-server application development and maintenance, Information engineering, Internet / Intranet / Groupware

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