Mr Nookayya Review

Mr Nookayya Review – Mr Nookayya Movie Review – Mr Nookayya Telugu Movie Review: After critically acclaimed Jhummandi Nadam, Rocking Star Manchu Manoj is coming in and as Mr Nookayya to enthrall the audience with an outright action drama . Does Mr Nookayya movie lives up to the hype, check out the review.

Mr Nookayya Story:

An orphan, Nookayya (Manchu Manoj) steals mobile phones and manages his living. He loves a bar waitress Sita (Sana Khan), plans to marry her and decides to settle down in life. He steals 2 crores from Anu (Kriti Kharbanda) who is on her way to save her husband (Kiran) from the kidnappers. One day, Manoj gets to know that he was deceived by Sita and also faces betrayal of his friend Charger (Vennela Kishore). On the other side, frustrated with the things, Anu plans to commit suicide and luckily she was rescued by Nookayya. She explains the circumstances that have lead to suicide attempt and Nookayya promises that he will accompany her to save her husband. How Anu and Nookayya saves Kiran and What ugly turns Anu will face in the process is the rest of the story.


The screenplay in the first half of the film is quite confusing with the director having no clue on how to execute it. At times, the scenes were boring and tests your patience. The interval block is amazing with a twist. The second half of the film slowly gains momentum and gets into few twists and mixed with melodrama. Manoj has delivered his best and carried the movie on his shoulders. He should be appreciated for doing some breathtaking stunts without any dupes in the movie.

Debutant Ani Kanneganti has come up with a routine storyline and stylish presentation. However, the narration is not convincing and the director faltered in bringing out the needed flavor. Too many action scenes will spoil the essence of the movie and leaves you gasping and exhausted. Overall, the film might go well with the audience who loves action movies.

clickoursite Perspective:

This is not the right script for Manchu Manoj who has got immense talent to project himself with versatility. This movie will disappoint his fans who love to see him in comic roles. He should avoid doing action scenes without any dupes. The director should have opted for a novel script to woo the audience. The action episodes are good but couldn’t connect well with the audience. The chasing scenes in the second half has been shot well. Pistha Pistha song is ultra stylish onscreen and the rest of the songs are just ok. The dialogue delivery of Manoj is fantastic especially in comedy scenes. His expressions through out the film are impressive.

Kriti Kharbanda is decent in her role, while Sana Khan scorches the screen with her presence. The director lost the grip in the screenplay and could have done better work. The film is ultra stylish but lacks mass appeal.


Manchu Manoj once again proved his mettle as a versatile actor and his energy levels are unmatched. His diction is good and he impresses the audience with his great performance in action episodes as well as tickling comedy scenes. Kriti Kharbandha looks cute and very expressive. Sana Khan played her part well. Raja played a negative role for the first time and shocks everyone with his wonderful performance. Ahuti Prasad is entertaining. Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao and Vennela Kishore are OK. Brahmanandam’s presence is felt.

Plus Points:
Manchu Manoj’s performance

Minus Points:
Unimpressive Screenplay
High dosage of action

Final Word:

Mr Nookayya Review: Go watch it for Manchu Manoj’s breathtaking stunts and few good scenes.

Mr Nookayya Rating: 2.5 / 5

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